Eligibility for Hospital Room & Board

Assalamualaikum & good day,

The MAA Takaful SmartMedic 100 is available in 4 plans – Plan 1 to Plan 4.

One of the main categories to consider is the Hospital Room & Board.

The SmartMedic 100 lowest eligibility is RM150 (plan 1) up to RM450 (plan 4)

What room will you get for the plan 1 if you happen to use specialist hospitals in East Coast?

a) Kota Bharu Medical Centre – Single Executive Room & below
b) Perdana Specialist Hospital – Single Standard & below

a) Kuantan Specialist Hospital – Single Room & below
b) Kuantan Medical Centre – Single Standard & below

a) Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital – Single regular room.

Everybody values privacy greatly, hence this SmartMedic 100 medical card will ensure you get just that right from plan 1 by getting you into single room!

For plan 4, you will get Royal Suite at KBMC, VIP room at Perdana Specialist Hospital & Kuantan Specialist Hospital, Executive Suite at KMC & Executive room at KT Specialist Hospital.

Your deserve the best based on your affordability.

Contact 019-9855546 to ensure you get the room you deserve while getting medical attention! Free consultancy!


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