Smart Medic 100 as a rider!

Assalamualaikum & good day,

MAA Takaful just confirmed this medical card now has the flexibility of being taken as either standalone or as a rider.

The premium is lower if taken as a rider to the takafulink scheme.

In comparison, it will cost annual contribution of RM633 as standalone for plan 1 (lifetime limit RM150,000) for age bracket 30-39, whereas it will cost RM418 per annum if taken as rider.

It is a good opportunity for those without any policy to take up both personal & medical protection now!

Remember, the best time to take this policy is while you are still healthy!
Contact 019-9855546 for free consultancy.


2 responses to “Smart Medic 100 as a rider!

  1. salam..saya minat nak amik insuran..tolong antar brocure smartmedic100 pada email saya. tenkiu..

  2. sila email saya brocure smartmedic 100 saya nak masuk

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