Profiting From The Panic – Adam Khoo



Adam Khoo, a self-made Singaporean millionaire at age 26, released an investment guide book on 24 January 2009, entitled “Profit From The Panic- How To Make A Fortune from the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression”

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The gist of it is , how to invest while the market was at its lowest ebb, as history repeats itself that following great depression periods, the market will always bounce back!

He followed the Warren Buffett wisdom : ‘Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy’. Buy stocks when nobody else wants to buy and start selling when everyone realizes that it is time to buy.

The rest was history, as he made handsome 6 figure profit within 4 months!

While investing yourself into share market might be an intimidating task, choosing unit trust is the peace of mind channel as you investment is managed by professional fund manager, and diversification will ensure you don’t put your eggs in one basket!

Start your own investment into unit trust today, as even investment of RM100 per month will give high return if done consistently over 20 years or more.

Contact 019-985 5546 to get yours started today!


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