Andres Iniesta Won The 2010 FIFA World Cup for Spain


Andres Iniesta scored the winning goal against the Netherlands four minutes before the second period of extra time ended at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg South Africa, in a tight 2010 FIFA World Cup Final match.

Following a good build up involving great substitutes Jesus Navas, himself, Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas, he calmly slotted home the ball towards the right hand side of  the Netherlands’ goal.


(Sorry guys, videos showing his goal scoring moment are all being copyrighted by FIFA, no longer freely available on, sigh. I visited FIFA website, videos were there but strangely could not play it, so much so for exclusivity!)

Andres Iniesta, scorer of the winning goal

Soccer City Stadium, venue of the World Cup 2010 Final match


a. Iniesta fires Spain to World Cup gloryBBC Sport

b. Xavi hails Spanish dream come

“I can’t quite believe it yet. I had the chance to score such an important goal for my team, it’s simply incredible,” he said.

“It’s a small contribution in a match that was very tough, very rough, with all sorts of things happening on the pitch and I think we deserve it. We have to feel very proud of each of the members of this squad, from the first to the last.”

– Andres Iniesta

“It’s a great moment for me and for everyone Spanish, the players, the people. We are all very proud of this,” he said.

“We never thought we could make it and this is something special. When I came on, I was fired up. It is has been a difficult tournament for me and I didn’t get to play so much.

“Something inside me was telling me this was my chance. All my family wanted to come and be part of this, I had my chance and I am just very proud to be part of this. It has been a hard season, but now it doesn’t matter at all. This is one of the best moments of my life. Today we are living the dream.”

– Cesc Fabregas

c. Roja, Oranje provide numbers


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