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Be a MAAKL Mutual Unit Trust Consultant


Here is why the reasons you should truly consider joining MAAKL Mutual as a unit trust consultant.

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Pay Yourself First

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera,

The Law of Saving
By: Brian Tracy

Financial freedom comes to the person who saves ten percent or more of his income throughout his lifetime.

One of the smartest things that you can ever do for yourself is to develop the habit of saving part of your salary, every single paycheck. Individuals, families and even societies are stable and prosperous to the degree to which they have high savings rates. Savings today are what guarantee the security and the possibilities of tomorrow.
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Houseowner / Householder Takaful Protection


Owning a house is a requirement for everyone. Having a place to take shelter after a hard day in the office, while watching children playing happily is very comforting.

But is yours already protected from major risks like fire, earthquake, flood and many more?

It involves a lot of money to own one, hence having peace of mind knowing the house is covered against the risks with our Houseowner/Householder takaful protection is a smart move indeed.

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Pengiraan Kadar Premium Insurans Takaful Kenderaan


Tiap-tiap tahun pengguna kenderaan diwajibkan oleh undang-undang untuk memperbaharui insuran/takaful kenderaan kita.

Apakah kita mengetahui cara-cara untuk mengira premium berdasarkan nilai kereta dilindungi, kapasiti enjin dan jumlah NCD?

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Perbaharui Takaful Kenderaan Dengan Etiqa Takaful


Sudah tiba masa untuk memperbaharui takaful kenderaan anda?Tidak sanggup lagi menghabiskan cuti tahun, masa, wang dan terpaksa beratur panjang di bank atau pejabat pos untuk memperbaharui takaful kenderaan dan cukai jalan anda?

Biar kami yang uruskan untuk anda. Cuma berikan maklumat notis pembaharuan kereta anda, kami akan keluarkan ‘quotation’ segera untuk anda.

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Islamic Unit Trust Consultants Wanted


Seeking energetic, ambitious, hardworking and optimist persons to promote Islamic unit trust funds managed by top company, full/part time, fresh graduates are welcome, SPM above, flexible working hours, training provided, free vacation incentives, online exam, cash/EPF investment, unlimited income, working nationwide, IT tools provided, call 019-9855546 @ email

Kuantan, Pekan, Rompin, Temerloh area.

CUTE Examination Schedule


Untuk menjadi seorang perunding unit trust, seseorang itu perlu memilih syarikat pengurusan unit trust yang ingin diwakili, mengisi borang permohonan dan menghantar ke cawangan yang berdekatan.

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