Launch of Public Mutual PRS Shariah Based-Series


Private Retirement Scheme

Public Mutual PRS

Good news!

Public Mutual will officially launch its PRS funds on Monday, 26th November 2012 including the shariah based funds.

The initial offer price is set at RM0.25 per unit during offer period with sales charge just 3%.


1. Well the main purpose of PRS is to be an investment tool to cater for the retirement needs.

2. It is for long term investment although members are allowed to withdraw from sub-account B once a year.

3. The members will enjoy tax relief of up to RM3,000 per year for 10 years duration (so need to invest in 2012 in order to get tax relief in April/June 2013 declaration)

4. The employers will also benefit from tax deduction up to 19% (Employers will also be given tax deduction on contributions to PRS made on behalf of their employees above the EPF statutory rate up to 19% of the employees’ remuneration.

The journey begins with the first step, so in investment and planning for retirement, the earlier we start the better the total fund available will be.

Contact 019-985 5546 for free consultation/PRS talk at your company  today!


a. PPA website: click here.

b. Brochure English/Bahasa Malaysia:click here.

c.PPA fees: click here.

d. PRS video: click here.

Video PRS: click here.


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